Music Class Videos

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Let's stand and "Sing" the Pledge of Allegiance

1st and 2nd Grade

Practice The Steady Beat

Let's take a look inside a piano

Rhythm Reading Practice

Instruments of the Orchestra

3rd and 4th Grade

Note Name Practice

Listen to this wonderful Recorder player

Rhythm Reading Practice
Clap along 
or try making your own percussion instrument to play
(see videos below)

The instruments of the orchestra

 Songs, Games and Activities

Make you own instruments at home

Rain Sticks and Maracas

"Found Sounds" Around the Home


Bim Bum

Bim Bum Slower Version

How to Play "Double, Double" 

 How to Play "Sevens"

How to play "Cups"


Irish "Cups"

​Fifty-Nifty United States

Don't Worry Be Happy
(Give it a try)