Programs Coordinated by the Counselor

Programs Coordinated by Counselors



Character Lessons

Students received guidance lessons through an alternating P.E., Library, and counseling set schedule. Counselors use the AUTO-B-GOOD curriculum for guidance lessons. Auto-B-Good is the Emmy™ Award winning animated series that teaches great lessons in character development to children ages 4-10. Currently airing on Public Television stations across the United States and expanding around the world, this series is one of the most popular character education series today.It is utilized in over 4500 schools nationwide.


Selected students are paired with a caring staff member. Staff members meet with the mentee to be: listeners, coaches, guides, encouragers, and role models.

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Individual & Small Group Counseling

Individual counseling sessions are conducted in accordance to the need of the students. Students experiencing academic, relationship, or emotional concerns can be referred for individual counseling.

Talent Search / Leadership Development

Duke TIP is innovative program to support the academeic development of selected students. Students are selcted from 4th and 5th grade classes to participate in the program.

Assemblies and other Presentations

School wide presentations are conducted every six weeks for the recognition of the "Student of the Month." Other presentations are given to students that focus on topics such as drug prevention, bullying, college and career awareness, fire safety, and abuse prevention.





Counselors participate in the district/campus standardized testing program. They also assess and monitor the progress of limited English proficient (LEP) students in learning the English language.


GT Testing

Identification of all gifted and talented students in grades K-6th through established framework, which includes multiple objectives and subjective criteria. Each school year, staff will complete a comprehensive process which identifies academically  gifted students eligible for the Summit Program.