Please always use your planners to copy down the daily homework announced in class. Due to daily events and the learning pace of each class, homework/assignments and test dates may change.

                   Week of Nov 27-Dec.1, 2017
                                           Practice your Multiplication/Division
                                           TTM is a daily homework for 15 minutes or one lesson daily

   Monday:          HW:  Review Topic 6 and TTM
:           HW:  Topic 7 and TTM STAAR Review # 2 due today
  Wednesday:   HW:  Lesson 7-1 and TTM
Thursday:         HW:   Lesson 7-2 and  TTM
  Friday:                HW:  Lesson 7-3 and TTM
All Lessons can be viewed on www.Pearsontexas.com (students must sign in and check out assignments)
*Written Practice Form ( use for homework)