Cabrera, Moises-P.E.

Coach M. Cabrera

Hello, I have been in the education field for 22years-all 22 with Sharyland ISD. I have a major in Kinesiology (k-12)degree with a second major in Spanish. I graduated UTPA in the Spring of 2001 and started working in the fall with Sharyland after having served Active duty in the Military. I started in the classroom teaching 3rd Grade At Martinez Elementary until I took a year of to serve my country in the Iraq War in 2003 as a Reservist. I came back and was moved to Hinojosa Elementary where I taught 5th & 6th grade until the Spring of 2005. In the Fall of 2005, I was moved to Bentsen Elementary as a PE Coach where I stayed until the Spring of 2010. Due to staff changes and movements, I was moved to Shimotsu Elementary as the PE Coach where I presently am employed. I love to teach and coach. My passion for coaching is what drives me and the knowledge I have acquired both in the Military and in the classroom is what I impart to my students. I believe that much is accomplished if a student is handed the tools to succeed.   I have been married for 24 years to my Beautiful wife Elia,  I have two boys (Ivan- 22 yrs old and Aldo-19 years old) and a beautiful young 16 yr.old daughter- Denise. We love to go to Mexico where we have our own Ranch and house by the Sierra Madre Mountains. If you do not find me here, I am probably there relaxing and enjoying the clean air.