Chapter 5 Government and Economics Project

Chapter 5-Government and Economic System

Students are to research the following topics from the list below to include in their research on a country of their choosing:

  1. Type of government

  2. Current Leader-# of years serving as leader

  3. Whether the country has a constitution

  4. Whether it holds free and fair elections

  5. Human Rights-following and violated

  6. Whether their country’s government is limited or unlimited

  7. Duties and Roles of Citizenship

  8. Country’s major source of production

  9. Type of Economic system

  10. Type of Economic activity

  11. Whether the country is developed or developing

Students will be graded on the following criteria:

(20 points each, totaling 100% grade)

  1. All information from the list above is included in the research

  2. Information is clear and thorough

  3. Presentation of information to the class

  4. Creativity/Artistic visuals of presentation

  5. Participation

Research Project is due October 12th 2016