Math has been changing over the last few years.  Students are being challenged like they had never been before. They are expected to do more critical thinking and put all thoughts into writing.  Math is not just about numbers.  We work on each lesson for 1 or 2 days.  Homework may be assigned from the book or they get a handout.  Students are expected to use their notes taken in class for their homework.  Students are not allowed to take their math books home.     Each student has online access to the book and other resources.  They should all have the web page for the book, as well as their username and password for it.  There is no set day of the week for testing.  After going over all the lessons in a module we usually take a day to review.  Tests will take place after every module or unit.  All homework will be checked and taken for a grade as we are trying to prepare them for middle school.  Students are allowed to make corrections on their homework to improve their grade, and they have the option of staying after school to work on the homework with me, as long as parents are being notified of their staying.  
   All students are expected to work hard and make an effort in order to be successful!