WOW Words & Questions

WOWWords & Questions



Do you think that is fair?

Don’t you think that is cool?

Isn’t that the best?
Who knows?

Don’t you hate when that happens?

What is the deal with that?

Have you ever ….?

Can you believe ….?

Guess what?

W.O.W. – Vocabulary Words

devour – eat quickly
sprinted - run
bolted - run
hollered - yelled
mumbled - talk quietly
scrumptious - tasty; delicious
jittery – hyper; nervous
aroma –good smell
brilliant – smart; shiny
odor – bad smell
determine – never give up
flabbergasted - shocked
enormous - huge
astonished - surprised
humongous - big
scurry – walk quickly
vast – huge in size or number
scamper – walk quickly
vivid – very bright
amble – walk; stroll
rumpled - wrinkled
meticulous – precise; perfect
fierce – mean;
crimson – red
scarlet - red
ebony - black
ivory - white
vain – thinks of only one selves
coaxed – to persuade

enunciated – talk slowly and clear

frantically – crazy; wildly


These are words that during the year my students have practiced to use in their compositions. We are trying to impress the graders in Austin with our vocabulary. Does your child know these words? Can they use it correctly in a sentence? Are they able to spell the word accurately?