Good classroom behavior is a must to ensure anenvironment conducive to learning. I believe that my students can behaveappropriately in class and should not be allowed to keep other studentsfrom learning.

Class rules are posted in our roomand your child will become very familiar with them. Rules are enforcedfairly and consistently. I expect every student to put forth his or herbest effort at all times. Every child is expected to take an active partin helping our class be the best behaved and most respectful class atour school.

Students are expected to follow the district's Student Code of Conduct and to follow the school rules.

Thereare several constant guiding principles I follow in the classroom. Byconcentrating on building these principles, we can develop  an orderly,functioning classroom where learning can occur free from fear andinterruptions.

Nobody gets hurt in the classroom. Physical and verbal intimidation, teasing and sarcasm earn strong consequences.

Each studentdeserves and receives respect both from me and from fellow students.Each student has my respect right from the start. My trust has to beearned.

All adults at the school deserve respect from thestudents. There is no talking back to adults or ignoringadults. Students who feel they have been treated unfairly by an adultwill respond to the problem by discussing it with the adult or with me.Pouting is not a useful or appropriate response to disagreements withadults at the school.

All students are expected to do the rightthing in school--in the halls, in the cafeteria, on the PE field - evenwhen nobody is looking, regardless of what other students are doing.  

Problemswill be solved appropriately, by discussion and negotiation, not withforce. Problems and differences occur and can interfere with learning.Learning to handle these differences responsibly is a big step towardgrowing-up.

While I do not “reward” good behavior,good behavior does have consequences in this classroom and is certainlyreinforced. There's a difference between "rewarded" and "reinforced."The reinforcers for behavior are usually natural--not token and usuallynot edible. Since appropriate behavior (doing the right thing) isnatural and expected in this classroom, it is not often singled out for atangible reward.