Classroom Policies and Procedures


Birthdays are special to children. Onyour child's birthday, you may chose to send in a small birthday treatto be enjoyed by all of the students. This is entirely optional!
Ifyou would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school, rememberthat we can not eat any outside food until the afternoon. You arewelcome to send in a small snack or treat for the class to share after2:45 p.m.
To avoid hurt feelings, please do not send birthday invitations to school unless there is one for every child in the class.

Lunch Money

Pleasesend lunch money in a clearly marked, sealed envelope. Remindyour child to keep lunch money in a safe place, not on or in a desk.

Menusare sent home at the beginning of each month. You are welcome to comeeat lunch with your child any day. The Cafeteria Staff kindly wants toremind you that our school is a "peanut free" school.


Weare committed to making sure that every child gets home safely.Therefore, your child cannot, and will not, be released to anyone otherthan a parent unless I have a note from you, or unless that person is onfile in the office as your child's designated release person.

Ifyou need to change your child's afternoon transportation, you must senda note on that morning.  If you forget to send a note, your child willnot be allowed to make the change.

If you find that atransportation change is necessary and you have not sent a note,  pleasecall the office well before dismissal time.


Regularschool attendance is very important. Valuable learning time is lostwith each day's absence and can not be replaced. Many integralactivities, including class discussions, group experiences, guestspeakers, and group instruction, cannot be replicated with written work.

If you need to check your child out early, you must go to theoffice and have the secretary call for your child to come to the office.Check outs must be done before 2:00.

Repeated early check-outscould negatively affect your child's grade for those subjects that areroutinely taught at the end of the day.

If your child is absent,you must send a note explaining why your child was absent in order forthe absence to be excused. Written verification should be sent in withinthree days of the absence.

If a student is absent, I willcollect any missed work in an "Absent Folder" to be completed upon theirreturn. As a general school policy, students have five school daysafter the student returns to complete make-up work. Additional time maybe allowed if the individual situation warrants.

Students are tardy after 8:10. Please sign your child in at the office if you arrive after 8:10.

Medication and Illnesses

Pleasedo not send your child to school if he or she has a fever. Whileattendance is important, it is also important not to spread germs amongthe entire class.

Telephone numbers to call in case a child gets sick or injured at school are imperative.Please make sure your child's Emergency Contact Card in the nurse'soffice is up to date. There is nothing worse for your child than havingto stay at school while they are sick and miserable because the cliniccould not get in touch with someone to take your child home.

Inorder for medicine to be administered at school, parents must complete apermission form available in the nurse's office. Children are notallowed to have any kind of medication, including cough drops, in the classroom.

Library Books

Eachthird grader is allowed to check out two library books at a time. Booksmay be checked out for one week at a time. If your child is notfinished with a book when the book is due, it may be renewed for anadditional week. To renew a book, children must show both of their library books to Mrs. Bewley before the book can be renewed.

Your child is responsible for all books checked out in their name, including paying for any books that are lost or damaged.

Atleast one of the two books must be an Accelerated Reader title at theirappropriate reading level. The other book can be another AcceleratedReader title or a book of their choosing.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome in my classroom and there are many opportunities to be involved in our classroom.  

I need volunteers to chaperone field trips, lend a helping hand withclassroom projects, teach small groups, file graded papers, makecopies, read with a small group of students, and much more.

I also have some opportunities for you to help at home. If you would like to help out, please contact me at