Why I Give Homework

Homework is anexcellent way to reinforce classroom learning and to provideopportunities to teach students personal responsibility for thatlearning.  Establishing good homework habits now will help your childthroughout the rest of their academic career.

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What Kinds of Homework to Expect

Homeworkis usually reinforcement or practice for a concept or skill previouslylearned in class. Less often, homework is assigned as an introductoryactivity for a new concept or skill. A few assignments each month may bedesigned to encourage parent/child interaction. Other at-homeactivities may also be assigned, such as spelling word andmultiplication table study, as well as daily reading. In addition,extremely rare special projects may involve weekend homework.
Writtenhomework is usually assigned four times each week, on Monday throughThursday evenings. At times, especially toward the end of the year,there may be two or more assignments on some evenings. Homework shouldbe completed and returned the next day. Usually, homework will consistof completing one short assignment, studying spelling words, and readingfor at least 20 minutes each night. Additionally, any work that is notcompleted in class will be sent home to be completed. Class work shouldbe turned in the next day, or points will be deducted from the grade.

Alongwith the assignments, your third grader should be reading for at least20 minutes each day. This can include your child reading to you, youreading to your child,  and/or shared reading. Find out why your child should read 20 minutes every night.

Dailyhomework should take no longer than 35 to 40 minutes to complete, notincluding reading for 20 minutes. Because homework will usually be areinforcement of what we have done in class that day,  the skills andconcepts needed to complete the homework should be familiar to yourchild. If your child is confused, or is consistently taking longerthan 60 minutes to complete the assignment, please let me know.

Homework Procedures

The studentswill be given an opportunity on Mondays to write the homeworkassignments down in their Planner. I will check on that day to ensurethey have written it down correctly. They will also be given anopportunity at the beginning of the week to copy their spelling andvocabulary words into the planner. In addition, I always go over thehomework assignment at the end of each day to remind students what theyneed to bring home. There is no excuse for a student not knowing thehomework assignment, or for not having the proper materials to completeit. I am asking that, every Friday, you initial the planner to signifythat you are aware of the homework assignments your child was expectedto complete and their conduct grade.

If, for somereason (sickness or emergency), a student is unable to completehomework, please send me a note so the assignment can be turned in latewithout penalty. However, please do not write me a note asking for moretime to complete homework if the reason is due to lack of materials, orbecause your child did not write down the assignment. Making exceptionsfor these circumstances will hurt your child in the long run because itsends the message that it is okay to not pay attention when we are goingover homework. When students face consequences for their actions, ithelps to prepare them to become more responsible, independent workers inthe future. I know this is hard. Please work with me on this one.

Allhomework must be done neatly and have the correct heading. Homeworkthat is turned in without a name will not be accepted. Written homeworkis usually graded only for being returned on time and for beingcompleted according to directions. I do grade homework assignmentseach day for academic content. Please check the planner daily to ensureyou are aware of the homework assignments.

Help make homework apriority by scheduling time each day for your child to completehomework. Children need routine and structure to be successful. Helpyour child develop a good homework routine by asking to see the planner,and by making sure your child puts the planner and the homework back intheir bookbag to return to school the next day. This will help keepyour child organized and eliminates the frustration of losing a paper orassignment that is needed in class.