Classroom Rules and Policies

Classroom Code of Conduct

Goal:  To foster self-discipline and responsibility in each student.

1.      I will respect others and myself.

2.      I will be responsible for my learning.

3.      I will take pride in my school and myself.

4.      I will take responsibility for my behavior.


·         Follow all directions promptly.

·         Raise hand and wait to be called on before speaking or leaving your seat.

·         Respect others and take care of property.

·         Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

·         Turn all assignments in on time.

·         Pass in quiet, orderly manner when moving from one place to another. 

·         Follow all rules during specials and in the cafeteria.



·         Conduct point off & parents will need to sign the planner

·         5 minutes off recess/Detention

·         Conference with Parents

·         Office Visit



·         Prizes from the treasure box

·         Stickers

·         Homework Passes


Conduct Grade: 

·         0-5 marks = Excellent (E)

·         6-10 marks = Satisfactory (S)

·         11-15 marks = Needs Improvement (NI)

·         16+ marks = Unsatisfactory (U)

   *Students with conduct grades 95+ each six weeks will receive a reward at the end of the corresponding six weeks.

   *Students with conduct grades 95+ all year will receive a Golden Rattler Award at the end of the year.