Web Sites to Visit

Parents: Please encourage your children to practice using the search engine,Nettrekker, when researching information at home.  This is what theywill be using at school.  You can find a link on the Harry ShimotsuLibrary page or enter schoolnettreckker.com  from home.
Username and password are required for some of these sites.  Please contact me if your child is unable to recall them.
www.brainpopjr.com This site is for K-3 students.  It is an animated educational site forchildren.  It provides animated Science, Health, Technology, Math,Science, Social Studies, Arts & Music, and English movies, quizzes,activity pages, and school homework help.
www.internet4classrooms.com This site offers assistance in finding high-quality, free internet resources. 
www.freerice.com An amazing place where kids can learn and reinforce basic educationalskills while also learning about helping other people in other places.Free Rice has two main goals: Provide free education and helping to endworld hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. This islearning and playing everyone can feel great about! Students learn to do good by doing well.
www.coolmath4kids.com  This cool site has math lessons, games, and fun activities designed for children from ages 3 through 12 or pre-algebra.
www.tumblebooks.com This is a library of animated, talking picture books which teachchildren the joy of reading in a fun format.  It also has quizzes,puzzles, and resources.