Rodgers, Tiffany

  *  Room 113 *  Conference 1:05 - 1:50  *  
Welcome back students and parents! 
It's going to be a great year!
Dear Students,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are coming back to school with lots of stories (from real life or books) that we can discuss, draw, and write about.  

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We will read so many wonderful books this year!  Whether you already love to read or not, third grade is the best year to develop a deep love of stories and adventures that can be found in books. 
I love to get lost in good in books and you can too!


I have high expectations for my third graders!  Learning to be responsible for your own books, materials, and computer is very important.  You always need to do your best work and be proud of yourself! 

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We always need to treat each other kindly and with respect. Our classroom is like a family.  We have to get along, help, and share with each other so we all have a safe space to learn.
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There are so many activities, games, and projects planned.  It will be so nice to retur
n to school, I hope you're ready for a fun and challenging year!  

Remember we are all in this together.  I promise to be here to support you and help make this a wonderful year to learn and grow.

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See you soon!  

 :)    Mrs. Rodgers